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Travel Related Programs

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Travel Related Programs

Blue Flag
Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label awarded to over 3,200 beaches and marinas in 37 countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean.  The Blue Flag Program is owned and run by the independent non-profit organization, Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).  It works towards sustainable development at beaches/marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. The Blue Flag Program includes environmental education and information for the public, decision makers and tourism operators.
Green Seal
Since 1995, Green Seal has partnered with the lodging industry to promote environmentally responsible products and practices within lodging properties. Green Seal's campaign to inform the nearly 54,000 U.S. hotels and motels focuses on how environmental efforts both improve the bottom line and benefit the environment. Green Seal works in a variety of ways with the lodging industry and its users, providing technical guidance, case studies, and certification of green hotels. Green Seal 1) Certifies lodging properties that meet the Green Seal environmental standard, GS-33; 2) Writes articles to educate the industry through such publications as the National Hotel Executive Magazine and Lodging; 3) Contributes to the Engineering and Environment Committee of the American Hotel & Lodging Association; and 4) Supports government programs to identify green hotels, including those in Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, Virginia, and Maryland.
GreenLeaf Eco-Rating Program
TerraChoice Environmental Marketing and Audubon International have partnered to present the Audubon Green LeafTM Program. Offered at two levels, it helps hotels to succeed with their eco-efficiency savings and environmental commitment. The Program also provides the professional and leisure traveler verified environmentally responsible options.
Sustainable Travel International's Sustainable Tourism Eco-Certification Program (STEP)
Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification Program (STEP) is the world's first comprehensive, global sustainable tourism certification program offered by a non-profit organization. It's a voluntary initiative that is designed to be user-friendly, educational in nature, practical as a measurement and management tool, and applicable to tourism businesses of all sizes. Businesses of all sizes can be STEP certified including newcomers to sustainability, those wanting to improve their existing approach, and businesses that have longstanding sustainability programs. The types of businesses that can be certified include: Tour Operators, Accommodations, Attractions, and Transportation Service Providers.